Insects: Butterflies, Other Insects & Arachnids

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Butterflies, bees, all insects (and arachnids too) have an important place in the ecology of our planet.  Many are superb pollinators, some are predators that keep insect pests in check, and some of these captivating creatures are still scientific mysteries today.

In the USA, we have lost a great number of pollinators including the native bees and non-native honeybees we all depend on so much. We effect the insect world, positively or negatively. Planting native plants in place of exotic species, and avoiding the use of pesticides will help. Science has now proven that it is a winning strategy to “grow native”.

Over many thousands of years, our native pollinators have developed a complex relationship to specific host plants that are native to their region. Even small yards can have beautiful, native plants that benefit local pollinators. I often call butterflies “jewels on wings” but all pollinators are important “jewels”.  

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For further butterfly and pollinator information, please note some of the resources listed here under page Conservation – “Native Plant Restoration Project” and “Organizations”. 

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