Ozark Stream Photography is a rural micro business located in south-central Missouri.  Gail Rowley’s photos are “genuine nature” taken in natural areas, using natural light.  Gail sells notecards, postcards and archival prints. A portion of all of her card sales benefits the Missouri Stream Team Program.

“I love observing and studying all aspects of the natural world. Native plants and animals of the Ozark Plateau, and the waters that support them, have particularly captured my heart.  While documenting some of this beauty, I feel continually reminded to improve my own part in taking better care of our planet.”

Why the name Ozark Stream Photography?  “To document nature’s art, I experience springs, rivers, caves, critters, trees, flowers, mosses, dewdrops, and more.  I am reminded again and again that water is life. So I’ve named my business to honor the Ozark waters around me.”    Gail E Rowley

Ozark Stream Photography Mission Statement: 

“To share nature’s wonders, encourage appreciation and understanding, and inspire the preservation of our natural world.”